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RFM Designs makes beautiful furniture through the use of Solid Wood, Metal, and Glass.  The finishes used enhance the natural beauty of wood – not cover or change it.  Stains are not employed.  The metals used are Stainless Steel and Aluminum.  The combination of these three materials are balanced to provide ascetically beautiful pieces. 


RFM Designs uses Solid Woods such as Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak and Walnut to construct the furniture. Stainless Steel hardware is employed and often left visible to provide an attractive accent. Aluminum Spacers provide structure and present an aesthetically pleasing look. The surface of the spacer is brushed, and no coatings are employed. End components for the Aluminum Spacers are Aluminum, but they have a black coating to present an attractive accent. This coating may be applied either through Anodization or Powder Coat. Anodization imparts a thin ceramic coating and can be done in different colors. Powder Coating is applied as a dry powder that is baked onto the part and can also be done in different colors. Please contact us at to learn what options are available or for a rendering of a different color.


All wood surfaces are coated with a finish that enhances the beauty of the wood.  This coating also serves to protect the wood and retard dimensional changes due to changes in humidity.  Furniture can be ordered “Unfinished” for each product.


For some pieces, engineered wood is used for thin panel.  Furniture grade plywood serves to close off compartments and lighten the piece.

RFM Designs provides truly unique products by providing the customer with the ability to actually design the product they select.

A word from Bob,

This company came about thanks to my wife.  We could never find solid wood contemporary style furniture that fit in the space we had.  Instead of searching forever – I designed furniture that fit our needs under her guidance and approval.  The offerings you will find on this website represent 20 years of work and the fruits of this effort.

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